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Carol Grease
Carol Grease is used for wheels nuts & bolt, external hinges, studs, flanges, exhaust brackets etc. It provides thermal stability, corrosion prevention, high viscosity, resistance to oxidation and so on.
Heat Transfer Fluid Oil
Heat Transfer Fluid Oil find its application in heat pumps, refrigerators, air conditioners etc. It can easily transfer large amount of heat efficiently. This product is acquired for its high viscosity, thermal stability and density.
Cutting Oil
Cutting Oil is contamination free, biodegradable oil which is known for its hydraulic stability and oxidation. It is used in reaming, turning, threading, boring, tapping, drilling, broaching, milling and other applications.
Automotive Grease
Automotive Grease is used in automobile industries, heavy duty machinery, copper & steel-rolling mills, concrete or cement plant etc. It provides optimum performance, smooth texture, viscosity, anti-static properties and more.
Machine Oil
Machine Oil is ideal for lubricating machines in residential and industrial areas. It is produced by using bets grade crude oils like baku, emba etc. This product has low freezing point and high boiling point.
Carol Cutting Oil
Carol Cutting Oil is formulated for machining applications as well as metalworking processes. It provides high performance efficiency, smooth texture, viscosity, sulfur rich, dark, thick consistency and more.
Automotive Engine Oil
Automotive engine Oil acts as a lubricant which is utilized in internal combustion engines in order to power motorcycles, cars, trucks, engine-generators and many more. It gives protection from wear & tear to the moving components of engine.
Quenching Oil
Quenching Oil is ideal for quenching oil-hardened steels, die steels & tools etc. It is highly appreciated for its controlled volatility, thermal stability and excellent performance. This lubricant is also suitable for heat treatment.
Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic Oil is extensively used as coolant or sealant in different machinery and also suitable for power transferring applications. It ensures corrosion resistance, smooth consistency, anti-foam nature and maximum longevity.
Synthetic Oil
Synthetic Oil is used a substitute for petroleum-refined oil in high temperature applications. It is responsible for providing longer working life to the engine along with increasing its horsepower.
Soluble Cutting Oil
Soluble Cutting Oil is used as a grinding fluid and plays an important role in the cutting process by providing lubrication. This oil has high performance efficiency, easy usage, high viscosity etc.
Engine Oil And Lubricants
This array of Engine Oil And Lubricants are available in pure form. These lubricating solutions are effective in extending service life of engines and in improving their performance. These lubricating solutions maintain cleanliness of engines and prevent deposition of sludge.
Spindle Oil
Get in touch with us to buy industrial use spindle oil. Industrial spindle bearings in machine tools are lubricated using this lubricating oil with high chemical stability, corrosion resistance and demulsibility.
Rust Prevention Oil
Available in tin packaging, rust prevention oil is supplied to automotive, manufacturing and other industries. This oil is needed to protect metal from rust. As it is layered on the surface, it creates a protective coating. 
Automotive Gear Oil
Automotive Gear Oil is utilized in trucks, automobiles and many machinery. It is formulated for protecting against corrosion, elemental damage, high pressure and extreme temperature. This product has optimum performance.
Slideway Oil
Slideway oil is lubricant oil used in slideways made of both, plastic and metal. Industries demand this lubricant oil to lubricate slideways of industrial machinery, like cutting machine, milling machine, lathe, etc. 
Foundry Chemicals
This range of Foundry Chemicals is offered in crystalline powder form. These chemicals are effective in improving soil fertility. These can endure 870 degree C temperature. These contain maximum 0.5% moisture. Porosity level of such chemicals is 97%. These are accessible in blue and black colors.

Industrial Grease
Industrial Grease is used for wheels nuts & bolt, external hinges, studs, flanges, exhaust brackets etc. It provides thermal stability, corrosion prevention, high viscosity, resistance to oxidation and so on.

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