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Rust Prevention Oil

This range of Rust Prevention Oil possesses excellent noise reducing, dehumidifying and anti-rust properties. Advanced formulation of these lubricating solutions effectively removes grease and moisture from applied surface and loosens rust affected screws to improve their function. These maintain cleanliness of engine interior. By generating a thick film based layer on applied surface, these Rust Prevention Oils inhibit all sorts of accumulation and corrosion. Application of these oils can be noticed in automotive, precision instrument making, metallurgy, motor designing and mold developing fields. Standard of these lubricating substances has been verified on the basis of their flash point, boiling point, lubricating attributes and storage life.

Rust Preventive Oil

  • Pack Type:Bucket & Drum
  • Use:Lubrication
  • Type:Rust Preventive Oil
  • Application:Rust Prevention

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