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Spindle Oil

High-speed machine spindles are needed to be timely lubricated and for this task, operators and service personnel mainly use spindle oil. As it doesnt cause any staining to the fabrics, this oil is widely used in textile industries. This lubricating oil is produced in-house and the production experts ensure chemical and oxidation stability. The application method can be any that suits you, from hand application with a brush, drop feed to misting. This specialized lubricant is beneficial in protecting tools from corrosion and rust. The timely application of spindle oil ensures long bearing and spindle life. The machine maintenance reduces if the spindles are well lubricated. This oil also does not cause the formation of deposit and varnish. It also enhances the oxidative and thermal stability. Customers can buy this oil and apply it on hydraulic systems, industrial machine bearings, automatic machine tools, etc. 

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